My Experience as Both a NYC and St. Louis Architect

If you have been thinking about a career in architecture in New York City, it would be helpful if you knew what a day in the life an NYC architect looks like. Here is a summary of what you can expect in the life of an NYC architect.

A big part of an architects NYc job is meeting with clients about their design needs for the building project. The project may be a remodel of an existing structure, or it may be a completely new construction. The architect finds out what the client’s objectives are and the requirements of the design. He finds out that the budget is and does his best to meet his client’s requirements while still staying within the budget.

For new constructions, the architects like Murdock Solon will conduct feasibility studies. This will include the evaluation and selection of different construction sites. He will conduct a study on the environmental impact of the construction. The NYC architect must be very familiar with the building ordinances, fire regulations, zoning codes, and other regulations in the NYC area. His design will need to adhere to all of them. He will lay out what requirements the design must meet in order to stay in compliance with these building ordinances.

The architect usually meets with the client several times during the planning process. He meets them again to present his ideas to this client in the form of drawings and sketches. He makes changes to the design after the client has a chance to review his design and provides feedback. After that, he develops a final set of detailed construction plans with the agreed upon changes that will show how the building design will look.

Throughout the planning process, the architect needs to remain flexible with the design in order to accommodate any changes that come up. Sometimes unexpected discoveries about the site can change the design of the project. If construction has already begun, the architect must sign off on any changes that are required.

Now that you know a little bit about the life of an NYC architect, you have better information that will help you make your career decision. You can get more information if you have a chance to shadow a professional architect in New York City and actually see him in action. Start looking for accredited institutions that offer a degree program in architecture, and make an appointment with the program director to see if the program fits your expectations. With hard work and dedication, you can achieve your dream of becoming an architect in NYC.